Factors That Affects The Effectiveness Of An SEO

If you want to improve the positioning in the search engines, you have to optimize several components of your website. Otherwise, your website might be penalized by search engines. In fact, a few years ago, to be successful with SEO. The job you had to do was to have a solid and well-structured page. You just need keywords in the page titles and a great saturation of your keywords in the different Navigation elements. If you had this, you already had practically assured your success in SEO.

Since 2012, as soon as Google’s new algorithm started to come out, such strategies ceased to be sufficient. Even in the summers of 2013 and 2014 some “SEO chips” were penalized by what Google considered a malpractice violation to use spamdexing. Currently, the value that has to your web by following the best practices of SEO will assure that you maintain your traffic. Therefore, the more you control it, the better.

What things do you have to control?

You have to take into account the 200 factors that Google takes into account to position your page.
Companies that specialize in seo in Jacksonville employ these techniques. Brian Dean has also been able to identify, from the list of 200 some of the most relevant factors, which will be presented below:

Keyword at the beginning of the title tag

Google gives more weight to the keywords it finds at the beginning of a title tag (H1) than other parts of the article. So if you want to improve your positioning when someone in the searcher writes “lose weight,” you have two possible titles:

  • Losing weight: 10 strategies to easily remove the kilos you do not want.
  • How to lose 10 kilos of weight with these tricks.

Google will position you better on the first entry.

Length of content

Several studies show that entries of more than 1,500 words have a better position in Google. In fact, the top 10 results in average searches have about 2,000 words.

Page load time

This is basic if you do not want Google to penalize you. Check if Google considers your web page to be optimized for fast upload from a mobile device with the Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Presence and positioning of keywords

Although today we do not try to repeat every five phrases the same keywords, Google continues to use the keywords to position you. So be sure to include them in the H1, H2 or H3 titles of your entries, in the first paragraph, etc.

Ranking or authority of a page

What puts you best on a page is the quantity and quality of pages that link your content. This implies that you should create information that you like to link to.

A good technique for this, according to SEO experts is to create infographics with a great design (cost about $ 250) and then, look for articles that talk about the subject to contact them and ask to link you.
In general, it is not easy to generate content of as much value as for everyone to like to mention or link to you.

Domain Authority

To position any entry, Google also takes into account which authority has the domain in which it is published. You can check your authority on Open Site Explorer.

Relevance of links

We have previously commented that Google highly valued that you have many quality links to your page. Brian insists that the relevance and authority of these links are especially important. It is much more key that someone with great authority links you to having many poor quality links.

Length of stay

To decide if the content of your web is relevant, a good indicator can be the amount of time that your readers are in your web and they navigate to the different contents. There are many websites that make you read a page before you have to go the actual page.

Responsive design

Your website needs to have a fast upload speed. It should also be able to adapt to any device size easily. Have a third party company test your website. Do not forget to test how it would look from any device.

Duplicate or poor content

Google wants to position those websites with robust and original content better. So all those pages that are not indexed contain duplicate content, or poor and irrelevant content, delete them from your website that does not help you at all.

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