The Differences Between SEO and SEM

It is impossible not to mention SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) when it comes to digital marketing.

Although it is not a new item on the market, many people still have questions about these strategies. With the dramatic increase of internet users, there is greater competition for more visibility in search engines. Investing in purely traditional or “offline” marketing is no longer a viable option.

The Internet has become a reference for finding any information for a customer. If a user will search for a service that your company offer, it is necessary that your business website should have a high rank in the search engine result page. That will make your site visible and credible in the eyes of your potential customers. This goal is the exact reason why the process of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) will be needed.

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What is SEO and how it works? – Search Engine Optimization

So that a website will be ranked in the top positions of search engines like Google is not an easy task. SEO companies can help you optimize your site to be ranked with the best algorithms search engines like Google.

Determining keywords is critical because it is one of the main ways to bring your audience to your website. The search algorithm is complex and takes into account many other factors like loading speed, stability, and navigability of the site, the percentage of casualties, among other factors. The analysis of these data sets the display order of the sites for readers.

The significant advantage of this practice is your website will appear in the organic results, and you don’t have to pay search engine companies for it. However, it is important to remember that sound SEO practices do not guarantee a good positioning, and to build a reputation takes time and requires continuous effort.

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SEO optimization process includes:

  • Analyze, discover and solve the technical problems of a website for search engines to index properly. There are free and paid online tools that help in this task.
  • Getting links from other sites to have incoming links that Google gives absolute value.
  • The publication of articles on third-party websites or comments that are left on other blogs is usually important if the management’s website is shown.
  • Identify the most important pages of your site and improve their significant elements (for example title, keywords in content, etc.) to allow search engines consider relevant for particular searches.

Google is well known that it “reads” the content of the pages you visit automatically, trying to individualize certain terms or phrases that let you determine its importance. Populating an article with certain keywords without abuse, of course- will be beneficial to appear on the first pages of results.

What is SEM and how it works? – Search Engine Marketing

This practice is creating paid search engines, keyword – based ads. Unlike search results SEM method is directed to a particular location for your ads, taking into account the different targeting options, and optimization. SEM techniques are essential to becoming visible in this world of search engines and were particularly ideal for new businesses that are emerging or migrating to digital marketing.

Search engine marketing is controllable and measurable. You decide how much to spend, what words or phrases you want to buy, and exactly the page you want your ads pointing.

The task of SEM professionals is to identify and analyze the keywords and terms most sought after by users, plan and execute advertising campaigns and evaluate results.

Generally, SEM is useful for startup websites who wants to have immediate visibility or for individual campaigns sales where a company needs to advertise their limited promotional sales immediately.

Both practices are essential in the digital marketing. While in a long – term where reputation and credibility of your website are built every day to achieve results in organic search (SEO) are necessary practices without allowing your site to appear at the top of the ranking, of course, if you’re willing to pay for it.

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