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escort in south floridaVisiting South Florida can be fun, and even more fun if there is someone to share the visit with. Some people hire a companion for any number of purposes ranging from having someone attractive on his arm to not being lonely. For rich people the former is more likely as they need proof of their status, but for most people the latter is more likely; people are social animals and the thought of spending a few days alone is hardly a welcome thought. Thus when they visit Miami alone, they are looking for the Miami escorts at MoneyOnTheDresser for these vacations and there are some simple tips to find the best companion.

The most obvious tip is to avoid a potential companion that is looking to sex in any form. Besides being illegal it can also lead to a number of complications that can be avoided by avoiding the situation altogether. Even if you are coming to Miami looking for a little action, hiring someone explicitly for that purpose should be avoided at all costs. Besides the obvious heath issues there are also possible entanglements such as blackmail, extortion, and possibly worse. Just avoid hiring someone for more than just the appearance of having someone or general companionship and you should be okay.

Another issue is to make sure that the person has a reasonably compatible personality. You will be spending a lot of time with that person, so it will not help if the two of you have issues right off the bat. You do not want someone who shares your personality completely either, as that difference will keep things interesting during the visit to Miami, but someone who clashes with you is not the best escort for you. It is important to bear in mind that you want someone who is fun to be around and part of that is that the person should be fun to be with but have their own personality.

It helps if you bear in mind that you are acquiring the services of the person for companionship and little else. The person can be expected to help out somewhat, but not do any actual work. The issue here is that some people hire Miami escorts assuming that they will carry packages or do other work as part of the job; this assumption is false. If you are looking for someone to deal with your phone, carry packages, or other work, then you need to hire someone explicitly for that. She is there to provide companionship and little else; they are paid to enjoy the time with you and working cuts into that.

Note that this includes bodyguard work. It may seem like a great way to save money, but the lines of work are just disparate to combine into one person. If you need a bodyguard, hire a bodyguard, not an escort with self defends skills.

It also helps if she knows Miami, this knowledge should extend beyond knowing the best places to shop or where the hot spots are. She should be able to navigate around Miami without a cab; acting as a driver should be the sole exception to the previous tip. Although the client may do most of the driving or rely on cabs, this should not be relied on; there are just too many locations that potential clients may be interested in South Florida for the escort to rely on a cab or even a GPS app. Also, driving gives the client a number of advantages that even a good cab will not.

The best companion will also have at least a basic knowledge of etiquette and fashion. It may should almost counter-intuitive that someone relying on her social skills will not have mastered these basic skills, but it does happen. This applies to more than merely knowing which fork to use or proper attire for a given situation, even allowing for the casual atmosphere of Miami; the escort should not be a diva, unless requested of course. The center of attention should be the client and not her; any attention should be reflected back to the client and not the companion.

These tips should help make the visit to memorable in a good way with a lot of great memories of the trip to South Florida. With a little research you can find the best escort for your Miami trip and have the best time ever!