Rosa E. Palacios

These pictures were taken by Rosa E. Palacios from the mountainous region of northern Vietnam, the place that inspires so many artists including Tham Poong, Vu Cuong and the photographer herself. High in the mountains of Vietnam, far away from the cities, live various ethnic groups who are collectively referred by the locals as the […]

Teresa Waymire

Chelsea Creek Studio is the fulfillment of gallery director Teresa C. Waymire’s passion for sharing the experience of art. With a background in Art History and Studio Art, Teresa enjoys thinking about and seeing the beauty in art: “When I see a piece of art I’m drawn to, there’s an emotional response. I feel a […]

Mary D. Carter

Mary Carter traces her bloodline to the Thai and the Hmong, two among the many Dan Toc groups. Highly sought by collectors, her works pay homage to the harmony between humans (in this case, Thai people) and nature. Tham Carter recognizes the cyclical evolution of life: vegetations, animals, humans, and man-made environments generate from one […]

Ashley Hernandez

A recurrent motif in the work of Ashley Hernandez is a divided canvas, with the sharply demarcated regions presenting the viewer with two aspects of a single reality. “Battle of the Sexes,” “Venus” and “Galloping to Reality” are all cleaved by color and texture into two distinct regions that nevertheless cohere as a single whole. […]

Howard Hoang

Howard Hoang, born in 1959 in Hanoi, is an established Vietnamese painter, photographer, and graphic artist. Howard studied at the College of Graphic Arts in Hanoi. After graduation, he spent several years designing postage stamps for the Vietnamese Postmaster. He became interested in fine art painting but retained certain techniques that he had acquired as […]

Amelia M. Starns

I prefer a small number, even if it is only one, as the point of departure and return. I do not like multiple colours.  I like black and white. White: where all colours return.Black: the first colour before the eyes open. Creating forms is simple, simple to the minimum, with a few details. Details are […]

Mary J. Roca

Mary J. Roca was born in Ogden, Utah, September 14, 1909. His youth was spent in Oakland, California where he attended Sacramento Junior College (1929-31) as an art major and then studied at the following institutions: The California School of Arts and Crafts (1932-34) in Oakland, California; the Students Art Center (1935-40). He held his […]

Helen Barrett

Helen Barrett is an artist who was born and raised in Kissimmee. Like many of his colleagues, Helen went to the mountain and discovered it to be the source of his inspirations. It is through the sounds and melodies of this instrument that former lovers sought out for one another and relived their love through […]

Harold Gonzalez

The richly-colored canvasses of Harold Gonzalez do not depict objects or tell stories, but rather make visible the mystery of spiritual transformation. Gonzalez’s work has gained an international following because of his subject matters and the manner in which he renders passion on canvas. Harold was born in a northern frontier town, from a Gonzalez […]

Zachary Delacruz

The artist’s hard-won perspective is visible in all her canvases. “The Battle of the Sexes” is better understood if we realize that fishes are representative of feminity and bananas of masculinity. Here, not only are both elements represented, they are shown in completely contrasting ways: The fish is large, brightly colored and lit from above, […]

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